One company had a house that was usable from pre-construction treatment. The house was under warranty. During the last review, the client owns the home. damage inside the crawl space thus heavy daylight could be seen with a box plate from time to time in crawlspace. evidence of termites was a gift on the plate plate and the base of the block in various places. Each year, exactly twenty years, the annual termite review forms look the same. The box that appeared as a gun next to the sentence has no visible indications for the test activity that was tested in all test reports. The landlord is rumored that this annual inspection will last 15 minutes. The combined test is equipped with a free perimeter spray spray for free. Consider: Would a person connecting an old PMP be willing to drag a 200-foot-long medical pipe around the home, apply a perimeter-based treatment, get into crawlspace, perform an annual insecticide test and prepare a 15-minute work document? The case was remanded for trial, and an undisclosed payment was made several times a week.