Keep in mind rats are not Batman. They don’t spend the night without leaving a mark. Then whether it is rats or mice, rats leave evidence of their presence. The problem is that such evidence is scarce. And if you don’t pay attention to the details, you won’t have to fight a fully developed pest infestation until that evidence can be easily ignored. The same is true in our next story.

At East Denver High School, the rat problem is so serious that city inspectors quickly close the kitchen in time for the investigation. Students must be taken by truck from the outside. The inspector checks the mouse picture in the food box, equipment, and counter. In short, fertilizer is everywhere.

The idea that students could not be exposed to rat droppings in their diets is one that is hard to cure. Thankfully, there were no reports of student’s encounters with these rats. It took two days to thoroughly clean and clean the kitchen. After that, the school was able to start catering again for lunch. But that was not the end of the infection.

East Denver High School is an old building. Some are over 90 years old, but the old school grounds are inaccessible to students and many mice can enter without problems. The pain on the old school grounds continues, and authorities do not know how many mice will build the house.

The Moral Of The Story?

In such circumstances, as in different buildings: officials may try to consolidate time contributions. Time, damage can create a small space that can be narrowed the ball. These places are important to maintain the number of mouse. In some cases, it is possible to be able to apply the use of enhanced officials such as liquids. However, the success of a long time requires a permanent solution.

When treating pests to keep mice tidy, a few steps need to be taken immediately.

  • Remove debris such as dead leaves and plants that become nests of mice
  • Dig holes in the base and surrounding windows
  • Put them (and fix them) in plastic bags to tie dirt