One day, I was making coffee in my apartment in Rome when I noticed something moving fast under my coffee machine. At first, I didn’t notice it, but the next day I saw this thing again, except this time it was stuffy and they were moving very fast.
Within a week, the situation was out of control. The whole kitchen was full of Supella Longipalpa cockroaches, also known as “brown belts”.
My first reaction was complete shock. I spread pesticide powder everywhere. I killed all the cockroaches I could find, closed all the cracks in the house and put my coffee machine in solitary confinement in a plastic bag on my balcony.
It doesn’t make any difference. Cockroaches were crawling around my kitchen, even during the day. When I saw one on my bedroom ceiling, I almost collapsed. After a long night of searching online, I found an insect control forum that recommended the use of gel barriers. You can find them at the pharmacy. They are expensive but worth it.
The gel has made a huge difference. I could see the light at the end of the tunnel, so I thought it was time to return the coffee machine and scrub it thoroughly. I opened the bag and saw a few dead roaches. Then I realized that a few are alive. Shocked and terrified, I shook the coffee machine and fell to the ground about 30 cockroaches – large and small, alive and dead.
I would never look at a coffee machine the same way. In fact, go and check yours now.