Notes costing Rs 12,38,000 were found on a machine at one of the Indian Government ATMs on the outskirts of the Tinsukia city of Assam. Assam police suspect mice for consuming notes worth more than Rs 12 lakh kept at the State Bank of India ATM in the Tinsukia region.

Tinsukia police said they received a complaint from local government branch lenders working on June 14, claiming they had received R32,38,000 notes at a machine at one of their ATMs on the outskirts of Tinsukia.

Prakash Sonowal, Tinsukia’s chief of police, said the bank said in its complaint that the ATM had been out of order for about 12 days. An official at the Sijuguri police station, who was visiting the ATM, said the problem was discovered after the arrival of the cutting room of the inspection rooms from Kolkata to check for the malfunction. The official said that rats could enter the machine through a small hole made of cords. “The body of the mouse was found in the notes,” the official said, adding that bank officials had been able to recover another Rs 17,10,000 from an ATM. The damaged paper money was between Rs 2000 and Rs 500, police said.

Police have issued a stampede of bankruptcy even though bank officials have not been able to find air for more than 12 days after the ATM was closed following a technical failure. “We have not yet received the involvement of any bank official or any outside person,” he said. The official said the report had been forwarded to the relevant SBI officials.

Pictures of cut-out notes inside the ATM have spread on Facebook and Twitter. Many have called it demonetisation Part 2 and the “rat strike surgery”