Mice are a type of rodent. There are 2,200 different species of rats, including mice, squirrels, guinea pigs, beavers, and much more. Mammals, such as rodents, have been around for 66 million years, emerging shortly after the end of the dinosaurs. They are now spread all over the world.
Australia has more than 60 species of native mice that originated here, and rats make up about a quarter of all our species of mammals. The largest water mouse (Hydromys chrysogaster), which can weigh more than 1kg. That is more than four times the size of a black mouse! You can still see them in cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth. The smallest is the delicate mouse (Pseudomys delicatulus), which weighs less than 10g and lives in the deserts of central Australia.
Unfortunately, many indigenous Australian rats are threatened with extinction, largely as a result of introduced animals such as foxes and wild