While the thought of rats performing rhinoplasty is alarming, Debra Keen says the worst pests attack she ever experienced occurred in March 2021 on an elderly. an almost blind woman in Gulfport, FL, who had red, swollen blisters covering her body. For about a month, the doctor treated her for allergies but did nothing about it.

Thinking that it was a bedbug, she asked for pest control services to get pest inspection services in her three-story house. Good news is they were not bedbugs. Bad news?

“I found an ant fireplace in his bed was a satellite colony that was moving backward to a large military base of ants on the roof,” Debra Keen recalls. Fire ants were crawling on his skin while he slept, but the pain was prevented because she was in pain medication. Along with her poor eyesight, meant that she had been sleeping in the belly of fire ants swarm for several weeks.

Fortunately, Debra Keen’s team was able to quickly clean up the mess, and her outburst disappeared. Memories, however, will live on forever.