Jeff McChesney, who is a pest exterminator and provides pest control services Truly Nolen, says one of the worst cases he faced was with a mouse problem in Palm Harbor, FL, in September 2015 unfortunately a woman was a victim in that case. Within a year, she had spent more than $ 8,000 on another company to clean up her rat problem, McChesney said. That turned out to be a waste of money when she woke up “in the middle of the night with a mouse in her face,” McChesney said. The mouse had been chewing her nose.

OK, we’ll repeat that. The mouse had been chewing on her nose.

After following another eight daily visits, nine rats were collected, and the home was declared rat-free. There is no word on the current state of the owner’s schnoz, but history confirms that it is likely to go down easily. Rats are known to eat live people when they are irritated. An English Witness in the “Rat Pit” during the reign of Queen Elizabeth, when “the flesh was torn from the arms and legs of the prisoners while they slept by the well-known voracity of these animals.” So, compared to that, the driven honker looks like an NBD