Ant Control

With extensive knowledge and years of experience in controlling diverse ant species, we are here to exterminate these harmful and infuriating creatures. The combined knowledge and practicality help us to emerge with the latest ant control techniques. Our proficient experts work hard day and night to come up with a smart solution tailored to your unique requirements. If you are unable to control the ants at your place using DIY solutions, you can always consult us to get things completely under control. Our pest control technicians offer competitive techniques to control ants precisely targeted to certain species. We provide you solutions that are completely safe for your family and pets.

Bye Bye Pests invade a dynamic variety of pests that poses a health risk and maybe a potential carrier of germs and bacteria. Ants being the social insects live in colonies. They frequently enter the house in search of food or shelter. Typically, they enter through little openings and holes and are generally fond of protein-based food or sugar foods. As soon as they find a food source, they quickly leave a special pheromone trail so other insects can easily follow them. If left untreated, they can reach thousands in number that obviously you will never want. They can even affect electronic machines or equipment by nesting in the little spaces.

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Successful Ant Control

  • Exterminate ants from your homes or office space

  • Quick and effective solutions

  • Trusted products meeting the highest safety guidelines

  • Guaranteed ant control and prevention

  • Safe for family and pets

  • The entire treatment process lasts up to 2 hours

  • Eco-friendly products

The ant cleaning process follows a certain pattern for effective and long-lasting results. Here’s a general overview:


Ant species are diverse, though most of them prefer moist areas to hide their eggs or create nests. Most kitchens and bathrooms are found infested by ants. Some other common locations are under stoves, sinks, dishwashers, etc. They can be even around the small cracks or floor drains. We make sure to inspect the entire place especially the ones with the most potential. Once the examination is complete, we report our findings immediately.

Dust and Surface Spray

The dust exterminator is often applied to the wall cavities, roof holes, and subfloors. On the other hand, an exclusively designed ant killing spray is applied all around the infested area.


We use another technique known as bait. The method is especially safe for the family and pets. We commonly use different types of baits including gels, granules, or stations. These are secured with sugar-based foods to attract the major number of ant species by targeting their dietary needs.

Ants Control and Prevention Tips

There are certain ways to make your home less susceptible to the ants’ entry. Here you go!

  • If you find any cracks in your home, seal them as soon as possible as they are the potential entryway.

  • Keep the pet food in an airtight container and make sure no pet food is dropped on the floor or kept in their food bowl when they are not eating.

  • Fill any holes around the windows or doors.

  • Do not keep the dirty dishes outside overnight. Try to clean any food spills and dirty dishes immediately.

  • Undoubtedly, sweet food is a major ant attraction so make sure any sort of sweet food is kept in the container.

  • Use detergent to sterilize all the possible entry routes. You can use insecticides sprays that are nor-repellant to block any potential entry points.



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