Bed Bug Control

Small and sneaky, bed bugs can be a great matter of stress for both homeowners and businesses. The increasing number of bed bugs reveal that every 1 in 5 people has bed bugs in their home. What if a client encounters a bed bug at your hotel room? It may destroy the years of reputation, the downturn in revenue, and in some cases even lead to lawsuits.

Bye Bye Pests offer the excellent chemical-free heat treatments to remove the bugs from scratch. When we talk about bed bugs, red bugs can especially cause physical and psychological harm. The very first step to get rid of bed bug infestation is to figure out its common signs as soon as possible. We strongly recommend you not to overlook the visible indications of bed bugs. Many people frequently ignore them unless they become serious infestation eventually affecting the health and home environment.

Bedbugs Control and Prevention Tips

Here are a few quick tips to help you in preventing bed bug infestation at your home or workplace:

  • The very first tip is maintaining cleanliness. Make sure to carefully clean and vacuum every place and frequently change the bedsheets.

  • You can use adhesive tapes to eliminate bugs and eggs and dispose of them by burning them.

  • Bed bugs can be eliminated by placing the affected clothes in the freezer for approximately 10 hours.

  • One common non-chemical treatment for controlling bedbugs is using dry ice.

  • The application of heat can also kill the bedbugs. For this purpose, wash the affected clothes or bed sheets in the water at a 60-degree centigrade temperature or above. Apply the heat suddenly giving them no space to move to another area.

  • You can get a chemical control from the certified company. You will commonly find dust, pesticides, and sprays to kill the bedbugs in the affected area.

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Here’s the three-step process to help you get rid of the situation:


Bye Bye Pests bug treatment programs are exclusively designed for complete bug removal. The process begins with a thorough inspection. Our experts are fully trained to precisely identify any bed bugs at your place. Our well-trained staff frequently use bugs dogs to help in tracking the source of the issue.


Once the inspection process is completed, our bug control specialist will provide you the most appropriate bug treatment options currently available while recommending the best solution. There are diverse treatment options primarily depending on multiple factors such as the intensity of infestation, type of property, and unique customer preferences. As soon as you opt for the right solution, the treatment will initiate by our licensed staff as decided.

Follow Up

Once the initial treatment is functional, we will stay in touch with you and subsequently schedule a follow-up session. This is especially important to understand if any additional treatments are required.

Here’s why you should prefer seeking our services:

  • Detailed inspection

  • Complete bugs exterminate treatment

  • Availability of services on the same booking day

  • 24/7 customer support

  • Guaranteed results



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