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Ant control Melbourne invades a dynamic variety of pest control services that pose a health risk and may be a potential carrier of germs and bacteria. Exclusively providing ant removal treatment in Melbourne because ants being the social pests live in colonies. They frequently enter the house in search of food or shelter.

Ant colonies come in a variety of sizes, from a few to millions, and because of their size, they can reach your property even through small holes or cracks. Some ants build nests on walls and foundations, or indoors on water plants, enclosures, and even in pit latrines and sinks. In almost all cases, the nests are limited to existing holes or spaces between objects, rotten wood and some ants rarely attack strong structures.

Ant Control Melbourne - Ant Removal Treatment Melbourne

Typically, they enter through little openings and holes. They are generally fond of protein-based food or sugar foods. As soon as they find a food source, they quickly leave a special pheromone trail so other pests can easily follow them. If left untreated, pests can reach thousands in number that obviously you will never want. They can even affect electronic machines or equipment by nesting in the little spaces.

Diseases Transmitted to Humans

Ants carry and transmit bacterial and fungal diseases. Pharaoh ant is a dangerous type of ant that is present in Australia and is known to transmit such things as Salmonella, Staphylococcus, Clostridium and Streptococcus. This type of ant is particularly troubling to hospital burns where they are exposed to heat-induced fluid scars. Ants and stings can cause severe symptoms and illnesses associated with allergies and severe allergies.

A well-known reaction is seen when fire ants bite, especially children, who are more sensitive to the anthill. Such events can lead to very bad situations, perhaps even life-threatening ones. These animals often form ulcers and may include severe pain, inflammation, itching and anaphylaxis, a life-threatening reaction that causes shock. Ants are also able to transmit disease-carrying organisms because they are known to spread food-borne diseases such as E.coli, Shigella, and Salmonella.

Ants Control and Prevention Tips

There are certain ways to make your home less susceptible to ants entry.

  • If you find any cracks in your home, seal them as soon as possible as they are the potential entryway.
  • Clear any food and liquid spills immediately. Do not procrastinate until it is too late, as this may attract them for a few minutes. Make sure all crumbs and drops of any liquid food are cleaned.
  • Keep the pet food in an airtight container and make sure no pet food is dropped on the floor or kept in their food bowl when they are not eating.
  • Store all your food in airtight containers to prevent access to food sources. Additionally, be sure to put containers in the refrigerator or cupboards and never leave food uncovered.
  • Fill any holes around the windows or doors.
  • Do not keep the dirty dishes outside overnight. Try to clean any food spills and dirty dishes immediately.
  • Wipe off the rest of your pet and wash the dish thoroughly. Avoid letting it stay too long because even pet food can be a source of food for these pests.
  • Undoubtedly, sweet food is a major ant attraction so make sure any sort of sweet food is kept in the container.
  • Use detergent to sterilize all the possible entry routes. You can use insecticide sprays that are nor-repellant to block any potential entry points.

Why you need a professional pest control service

With extensive knowledge of pests controlling and years of experience in providing services to diverse ant species, byebye pest control exterminates these harmful and infuriating pests from your home and business. The combined knowledge and practicality of eliminating pests help us to emerge with the latest ant control techniques. Our pest exterminators work hard day and night to come up with smart pest control solutions according to your needs and requirements. If you are unable to control the ants at your place using DIY solutions, you can always consult us to get things completely under control. With the help of professional pest control and removal service, the chance of ant infestation gets minimize. Our pest control exterminators offer competitive services and techniques to control ants precisely targeted to certain species so you have a minimum chance to face them again. We provide you services that are completely safe for your family and pets.

Ant Control Treatment Protecting Your Home and Business

“Protecting your loved ones is most is important” pest infestation is annoying to all homeowners and business owners alike. These pests can ruin your food, your home, and your peace of mind. Ants bite on different parts of your body and your loved ones, destroying the peace of your home.

However, a professional pest exterminator can solve this hectic problem. Byebye pest control has experts who properly identify the causes and types of interactions, these specialists also propose a customized treatment plan that leads to effective control and removal.

Ant Inspection in Melbourne

Ant species are diverse, though most of them prefer moist areas to hide their eggs or create nests. Most kitchens and bathrooms are found infested by ants. Some other common locations are under stoves, sinks, dishwashers, etc. They can be even around the small cracks or floor drains. our workers make a complete inspection of the entire place especially the ones with the most potential. Once the examination is complete, we report our findings immediately.

Ant inspection is an important part, once the inspection is completed it becomes easy for a pest exterminator to completely eliminate the identified pest. our professional ant exterminator and inspector use different types of techniques to execute them, some of them are below.

Dust and Surface Spray

The dust exterminator is often applied to the wall cavities, roof holes, and subfloors. Dust treatment gives the most effective results when it is applied to the entrance of an ant nest because it exterminates all the ants inside that nest. On the other hand, an exclusively designed ant-killing spray is applied all around the infested area.


We use another technique known as bait. The method is especially safe for the family and pets. We commonly use different types of baits including gels, granules, or stations. These are secured with sugar-based foods to attract the major number of ant species by targeting their dietary needs.

Why Chose Us

  • Expert team of pest exterminators for your home and business.
  • Identification of the specific pest for reliable treatment.
  • Quick and effective pest control solutions with durable, reliable and long-lasting results.
  • We use trusted products meeting the highest safety guidelines.
  • Chemicals and techniques are eco-friendly, children friendly and pets friendly.
  • After the ant eliminating treatment. you don’t need to wash your home because we use chemicals that have minimum smell.
  • The entire ant control treatment takes up to 2 hours to complete.

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Ant Pest Control Melbourne - Ant Removal Treatment Melbourne
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Ant control Melbourne invades a dynamic variety of pest control services that pose a health risk and maybe a potential carrier of germs and bacteria. Exclusively providing ant removal treatment in Melbourne because ants being the social pests live in colonies. They frequently enter the house in search of food or shelter.