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Fleas are common pests in Australia that’s why flea control Melbourne provides you flea removal treatment in Melbourne. Especially when you or a neighboring building has pets there is a high chance that you or your pet can be infected by fleas. Flea bites from some people and pets can be annoying, but for others, they can cause extreme reactions and rashes on skin.

Have you ever noticed that your pet is scratching the skin with legs? If you noticed that then your pet is suffering from flea infestation. Flea bites are painful and they also feed on the blood of the host body of your cat or dog will start becoming weak and red rashes on the body. To overcome this, A proper examination of the animal and its fur should be done by the owner or veterinarian. People can also get itching which leaves biting marks.

Flea Control Melbourne - Flea Removal Treatment Melbourne

The flea is often associated with pets since they are the primary carriers. They feed on dogs or cats’ blood and lay eggs in the warm fur of pets. Fleas can be quickly passed from the pet to you. In some cases, there is a likelihood of flea infestation even if you are not a pet owner. If you are owning any of your favorite pet, it can be quite upsetting to see them irritated. The problem can be identified quite easily. Pets with flea infestation frequently scratch themselves more than usual. The allergic reaction as a result of constant scratch can be critical and making them flea-free should be your foremost priority.

Diseases transfer to humans and pets

Fleas are usually not harmful to humans but unfortunately, in some cases they can transfer to human bodies and bite on your skin then you will need medical treatment as soon as possible. Some of the common reactions include swelling or trouble in breathing. Likewise, pets are more prone to get seriously infected through flea. At times, they may even get tapeworms the consequences can be deadly. Pets can also respond to flea bites and often develop allergies or flea-bite dermatitis. As a result, the animals may develop ulcers and frequent itching on the skin, often leading to loss of fur.

Another common condition is Flea Allergic Dermatitis resulting in major discomfort as it can be considerably itchy and create pus bumps. The condition can lead to excessive hair loss. Further, anemia is another common condition among cats. If not treated on time, it can be life-threatening. The saliva of a flea can cause skin dermatitis in humans, which often appears on the skin pores such as itchy bumps or rashes. Some people may have an asthmatic reaction when they inhale the feces.

Flea Control and Prevention Tips​

It’s always a great idea to take precautionary measures before you enter a challenging situation. To make sure you don’t suffer from flea infestation, you should carefully check the fur of your pet. Here are a few ways to help you out.

  • Vacuum and clean your house and rooms, carpets, furniture, etc. in the very first place.
  • Flea and bugs are typically killed at an approximate temperature of 50-degree centigrade or even above.
  • Carefully clean the pet’s fur using a comb. You may want to consult a veterinary for this purpose.
  • Keep the pet fur clean, trimmed, and groomed.
  • While disposing off the vacuum waste, make sure to do it far away from your house. You should certainly throw it in a closed packet to keep the surrounding areas clean and safe.
  • You may want to use natural remedies. For instance, blend the apple cider vinegar with water. Spray the solution on the flea-infested fur for flea control and extermination.
  • Another commonly used non-chemical solution is Diatomaceous Earth. It eliminates the flea by keeping their bodies dehydrated.

Why You Need Professional Pest Control Service

Pets are our family members, It is our responsibility of take good care of them. A professional Pest exterminator always knows better than laymen who don’t know anything. Flea exterminator will examine your home and your pet as well and provide you the appropriate pest control treatment. Byebye pest has experienced pests control service provider exterminators who workes efficiently and have proper knowledge about pets like dogs and cats. Our pest flea control and exterminators are trained how to be friendly with pets because if you are not friendly with pets it becomes difficult to examine.

Byebye pest control services Melbourne use techniques and chemicals that are pets friendly. Our products will not harm your pets. Children Often play and hug pets or even thy carry them in their arms, we also use child-friendly chemicals so you and your children can play with pets. Expert pest control exterminators provide long-lasting results in minimum time.

Flea Control Treatment Protecting Your Home and Business

Byebye pests is providing services all over Melbourne and the suburbs of Melbourne. We have licensed and experienced pest exterminators who eliminate unwanted pests with the latest techniques. we have many years of expertise and expertise in providing the most effective pest control in Melbourne.

We are making a difference in our commitment to ensuring a clean and healthy environment for Melbourne homeowners and businesses. Byebye Pests come with a proficient team of flea exterminators and flea control service providers to eradicate these harmful blood-sucking pests that are more likely to be a major concern for the entire family.

Flea Inspection Service Melbourne

Once you know in which direction you need to go it become easy to reach the desired destination. In the same way, pest inspection is the most important step towards executing a pest. In term of flea inspection might possible your pet springtails or flea beetles they look almost same but with a minor difference. Without pest inspection service for example, your pet have springtails and you take control treatment for flea instead of springtails. Your pet will keep suffering because the proper pest control treatment is not taken. That’s why you must take a pest inspection service before taking a pest control service.

Flea Control Melbourne have workers experienced in flea extermination and have a great sense of identification of pests. Our professional flea exterminator and inspector use different types of techniques to execute them, some of them are below.

Habitat Modification treatment:

A Flea infestation can be controlled and removed by eliminating the places available for them to live. Treat your pets to a vet-approved treatment and wash all your floors, carpets, cupboards, rugs, furniture, etc. belonging or that came in contact with your pet. This will leave them with no place to hide.
Chemical Treatments:

Our certified specialists will run pest control and removal treatment that includes pyrethroid-like drugs such as permethrin, deltamethrin, or tetramethrin and an insect repellent controller to prevent egg maturation.

Why chose us

  • Expert team of pest exterminators for your home and business.
  • Identification of the specific pest for reliable treatment.
  • Quick and effective pest control solutions with durable, reliable and long-lasting results.
  • We use trusted products meeting the highest safety guidelines.
  • Chemicals and techniques are eco-friendly, children friendly and pets friendly.
  • After the ant eliminating treatment. you don’t need to wash your home because we use chemicals that have minimum smell.
  • The entire ant control treatment takes up to 2 hours to complete.


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