Flea Pest Control

Are you aware of the very annoying flea? Well, the flea is often associated with pets since they are the primary carriers. They feed on dogs or cats’ blood and lay eggs. Nevertheless, fleas can be quickly passed from the pet to you. In some cases, there is a likelihood of flea infestation even if you are not a pet owner. If you are owning any of your favorite pet, it can be quite upsetting to see them irritated. The problem can be identified quite easily. Pets with flea infestation frequently scratch themselves more than usual. The allergic reaction as a result of constant scratch can be critical and to make them flea-free should be your foremost priority.

Fleas are usually not harmful to humans. Though unfortunately if they bite, you will need medical treatment as soon as possible. Some of the common reactions include swelling or trouble in breathing. Likewise, pets are more prone to get seriously infected through flea. At times, they may even get tapeworms – the consequences can be deadly. Another common condition is Flea Allergic Dermatitis resulting in major discomfort as it can be considerably itchy and create pus bumps. The condition can lead to excessive hair loss. Further, anemia is another common condition among cats. If not treated on time, it can be life-threatening.

Bye Bye Pests come with a proficient team of flea exterminators and flea control specialists to eradicate these harmful blood-sucking pests that are more likely to be a major concern for the entire family. Keep your home clean and free of any germs is certainly your priority. In case you encounter this discomforting situation, we have got you covered. Our experts will meet your flea elimination requirements using the precise and finest techniques. Customer satisfaction is our foremost priority and therefore we put up every possible effort to keep your place flea-free in no time. You can schedule a service appointment through our official website and communicate all the possible flea problems. Once your appointment is scheduled, we will visit your place for detailed inspection and choose an appropriate treatment option

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Flea Control and Prevention Tips

It’s always a great idea to take precautionary measures before you enter a challenging situation. To make sure you don’t suffer from flea infestation, you should carefully check the fur of your pet. Here are a few ways to help you!

Prevention tips:

  • Vacuum and clean your house – the rooms, carpets, furniture, etc. in the very first place.

  • Flea and bugs are typically killed at an approximate temperature of 50-degree centigrade or even above.

  • Carefully clean the pet’s fur using a comb. You may want to consult a veterinary for the purpose.

  • Keep the pet fur clean, trimmed, and groomed.

  • While disposing off the vacuum waste, make sure to do it far away from your house. You should certainly throw it in a close packet to keep the surrounding areas clean and safe.

  • You may want to use natural remedies. For instance, blend the apple cider vinegar with water. Spray the solution on the flea-infested fur for flea control and extermination.

  • Another commonly used non-chemical solution is Diatomaceous Earth. It eliminates the flea by keeping their bodies dehydrated.

If you are unable to carry out any of the preventions, you can always contact us to avail of the best flea control and extermination services available in the town. Our licensed and specialized pest technicians assist in quick pest control and elimination through eco-friendly techniques.



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