Wasp Pest Control

Bye Bye Pests is a reputed leader in offering top-of-the-line pest control and protection services. Working closely with homeowners and corporations, we make sure to provide the most reliable and highest quality pest treatment programs. Our exclusive wasp pest control treatment programs are tailored-made to suit homes and businesses of all sizes. By investing a great deal of time, we guide you at every step for the best outcomes that you must be looking forward to.

It’s crucial to understand the fact that pests pose serious threat to health along with critical structural damages at your place. Therefore, we invest plenty of time in a comprehensive inspection process to figure out the best possible treatment. Since the treatment is pest specific, it won’t affect any humans and pets around. Our certified technician team is well-equipped with knowledge and tools to meet the highest standards of treatment.

The Difference Between Wasps and Bees

  • Wasps have little to no hair, unlike bees which are hairy.

  • Wasp bodies are smoother and shinier in appearance than bees.
  • Wasps can get a bit bigger than bees although they are generally in a similar range.

  • The yellow colour of wasps is brighter than bees.

  • Waspve a longer body and are more oval in shape compared to round bees.

  • Unlike bees, wasps do not die after stinging.

  • Wasps eat, and are attracted to: sugary drinks, other smaller insects and food waste. Bees will only consume nectar from flowers.

  • Wasps tend to be aggressive, bees are much more gentle-natured.

  • Wasps are a lot more likely to sting humans and animals and can do so repeatedly.

  • Wasps do not pollinate flowers.

  • You are more likely to notice wasps’ legs hanging down when they are flying whereas you usually will not see bees’ legs as they are hidden.

If you have a wasp infestation at your Melbourne property, whether it’s a residential or commercial premises, you should contact our bee pest control team fast. We will identify the level of risk and effectively remove the wasps from your home and treat the area.

Wasp Pest Control

Considering the fact that the presence of wasps creates a precarious environment for everyone, we make sure you don’t worry anymore. It won’t be surprising to say that wasps can cause painful stings to you and the people around you. In certain situations, it can be life-threatening. As soon as you contact us, we reach right at your doorstep on the very same day of reservation. After the inspection process is completed, we execute the right technique to eliminate wasps. Our team is proficient in covering both residential and commercial areas and to control all types of wasps.

At times, aggressively natured wasps can be quite challenging to eliminate. In numerous cases, a wasp nest comprises tens of thousands of harmful insects. They are problematic to figure out unless and until they reach a specific size. However, our wasp removal treatments make sure the pests are removed from roots.

While ensuring the wasp removal to be carried out safely and efficiently, here we have a basic overview of our working structure.

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As soon as you find any nest of wasps at your place, connect our team and we will be right there in no time. Our team will carry out a thorough inspection of the affected area. The detailed information we get help us understand the extent of infestation in all the possible places covered by wasps. Our specialized team evaluates the source that attracts the wasps.

Treatment Plan

Once the inspection process is completed, our professionals come up with a suitable treatment plan to effectively control the wasps. We provide you with customized wasps controlling service on the day of booking. Our specialists offer an efficient and safe wasps elimination service. The comprehensive plan will help you get rid of unwanted wasps quickly.

Wasp Elimination Service

For wasp extermination, we commonly use bug sprays and non-concoction treatment for effective control. Considering the infestation level, we employ these techniques in the most efficient way. We make sure to choose the appropriate chemicals not only to eliminate wasps but at the same time keep your family or pets safe and secure.

Post Examination and Prevention

Once the extermination service is completed from scratch, our specialists will visit your place again to ensure there are no wasps left. It’s a long and demanding procedure for complete eradication of the wasps. Our services are available 24/7 and the results are absolutely long-lasting. In addition to the entire wasp control and removal process, our team will guide you on preventive tips to make sure the situation doesn’t happen again.

We treat all of the following commercial spaces:

  • Commercial sector
  • Hotels, Motels and accommodation providers

  • Bed & Breaakfasts, Serviced Apartments & more

  • Industrial sector

  • Retail sector

  • Childcare centres

  • Health and wellness centres



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